My mother thinks that I am extremely passionate.

My friends envy my optimism and positive energy.

My clients love my motivation, dedication, professionalism and results.


I’m happy.

It is mainly thanks to my people, those loves who stay with me day by day and make me feel so good.

 Another main reason of my happiness is my passion for work.

I am a fashion designer, specialized in designing handbags, for those professionals dedicated to dressing women.

I’m lucky to spend hours watching, dreaming and drawing handbags and, after years, I still love it

Yes, absolutely, my work is also my hobby and for that reason I feel lucky.

I have the gift of making the design somewhat agile, dynamic and with very good results.

I really know what I do and that is shown in my work.

Things are that simple: do you need handbags collection ? I create it you with pleasure !



Are you a fashion industry professional? Your business is manufacturing or marking fashion stuff ? or maybe, you’re thinking about your own brand …

Either way, what is certain is that you are not conformist and always willing to take on the world.

You feel the need to grow constantly, being aware that you still have a lot to learn.

You are brave, perfectionist and extremely professional. And that’s what I like the most about you.

You work hard to get the best offer from the market to your customers, – And this is when I get in !




8 Things you should know about me:

  1. University studies of fashion design. They were four great years, in which to study was not just a duty, but an intense learning.
  1. I specialized in Leather subject. I will never forget the leather bags we designed, patterned and hand-made ourselves in the school workshop. Now I remember it as a game, and even today I feel like that when I’m in my workshop.
  1. More than 15 years of professional experience as a designer. My clients like to hear about “my 6 years in Stradivarius, Inditex”. This was just my beginning, so imagine my next.
  1. Expert in “Made in China”. China is my second home, I know the factories and raw material markets deeply. Believe me when I tell you that it’s a whole world.
  1. I emphasize my motivation, dedication and passion for design. I admit, I’m workaholic. I say “and what am I going to do, if my work is also my hobby”..
  1. Professionalism first. I believe in well done work. If not, I better not start.
  1. 100% customized projects, suited to your objectives. Because not two bags are alike, and not two clients are alike.
  1. The 8 is my lucky number. And yours ?

If you feel identified with my “ABOUT YOU” description, then we have a lot to talk about for sure.

But if you also intend to bring the best collections of handbags to the market, then we must be soul mates!

We agree on ideology and professional philosophy, and we have the same objectives.

So do not hesitate, let’s get going!

Raquel esteban